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Samurai 17500 (7938kg) Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope


SKU :161-8-23


The best ' for lb winch on the market. Outstanding features includes Huge 7.0 hp high quality double sealed motor with brass fittings, heavy duty waterproof contactors, double sealed drum on maintenance free bearings, quiet, fully sealed efficient full steel planetary gearing. Stainless steel fittings and aluminium fairlead as standard.

12v Option Ref: 161-8-23

24V Option Ref: 161-8-24

Link to installation plate


    1. All Brass (no corrosion) Series Wound Motor
    2. Double Sealed Motor
    3. Sealed Waterproof Contactor
    4. Contactor Cover for Added Protection
    5. Double Sealed Drum (Gearbox/Motor)
    6. Sealed 3 Stage Planetary Gears
    7. Aluminium Hawse Fairlead


    Accessories included




    Tech Area

    Cable JacksWarrior Samurai 17500 Winch User Manual

    Cable JacksWarrior Samurai 17500 Technical Drawing

    Cable JacksWarrior Samurai 17500 Technical drawing with Front Fasteners

    Cable JacksWarrior Samurai 17500 - 20000 Brochure