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Goliath N Range of Pulling Winches with Ratchet Ref: 151-9

by Goliath

SKU :151-9-3


Goliath N Range of Pulling Winches with Ratchet Ref: 151-9

• Winches only for pulling applications (0% incline or load independently secured)
• Reversible ratchet 3 positions except 3N1 (2 positions)
• Wide range, 1 to 3 speeds
  1. 3N1, 5N1, 7N1 & 9N1 - 1 Speed
  2. 16N2, 16N2F - 2 Speed
  3. 25N3F - 3 Speed
• Surface treatment : zinc plated
• Pulling capacity from 470kg up to 2 700kg
 Fixed Handle on 3N1, 5N1, 7N1 & 9N1
• Removable handle on 16N2, 16N2F and 25N3F
• Speed reducing brake on 16N2F and 25N3F

    *Important :

    These winches are neither designed according
    to EC standard nor for the transport of people or for lifting applications
    and must not be used for such purposes.
    Do not reverse or change the ratchet position until the load has been secured safely.
    Do not come with safety brake
    Like any other ratchet winch on the market, the N series cannot be labelled CE.
    Attention: any pulled or lifted load must be secured by another device while operating (except on a horizontal surface).


    **Warning: These winches are not designed according to EC standard
                        Do not come with safety brake 

    Pulling Capacity Cable 1 Ø (mm) / length (m)
    Model Ref Handle Brake
    Goliath 3N1 151-9-1 470kg Fixed No ø3/22m
    Goliath 5N1 151-9-2 596kg Fixed No ø5/17m
    Goliath 7N1 151-9-3 723kg Fixed No ø5/32m
    Goliath 9N1 151-9-4 894kg Fixed No ø6/21m
    Goliath 16N2F 151-9-5 1556kg Removable No ø7/14m
    Goliath 16N2F 151-9-6 1556kg Removable Yes ø7/14m
    Goliath 25N3F 151-9-7 2741kg Removable Yes ø8/14m

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