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EW 250Kg | Gebuwin | Electric worm gear winch 230v or 440v Ref: 156-29

by Gebuwin

SKU :156-29-2


EW 250Kg | Gebuwin | Electric worm gear winch 230v or 440v Ref: 156-29

A range of electric worm gear winches in combination with 230 & 400 Volts that Gebuwin offers, start from 125 kg up to 3.200 kg. Electric worm gear winches are used in heavy duty pulling situations. The most common application is the pulling of loads, however upon request, these winches can be delivered as hoisting winches.

  • Compact and robust construction
  • All rotating parts run in maintenance free bearings
  • Only used for pulling loads.
  • Note that for electrical winches with a hoisting function a limit switch and a low voltage control is required. (This can be quoted upon request)
  • Standard paint finish in grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005) according to DIN 12944, C1M
  • Constructed with a worm gear transmission as centre point between the electromotor and cable drum
  • Constructed with a covered and sealed gearing (IP54) and insulation classification B
  • Winches from 1,000 kilo’s and up are standard equipped with an overload protection
  • The connection duration is S3 – 40% – 120 c/h
  • Available in 230 Volts and 400 Volts
  • The pendant control switch has a standard length of 1 meter
  • Maintenance free ball bearings
  • More cable storage than standard 30 meters by steps of 10 meters



Gebuwin offer an extensive bespoke range of option's for this product, if you require any of these then please email your enquire to


1. EV = Zinc plated finish with a minimum of 6 microns
2. EX = ATEX certified, for zones 2 and 22
3. GD = Grooved cable drum
4. XD = Multiple (X) cable compartments possible.
5. Limit switch for hoisting applications
6. Low voltage control (42 Volts)
7. Radio control
8. Frequency control
9. Free spool cable drum possibility from EW250 and higher
10. Wall mounted control switch instead of pendant control switch
11. Electrical overload protection for EW990 and under
12. Possibility to switch between 2 speeds only for the EW125, EW250 and                EW500 400 Volt versions
13. Electrical winches with double the standard speed


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