20-90kg WEBI Pulley, Type ETT-190P- Polymide (PA 6 white) Pulley (ETTER) Quick ref: 155.9

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WEBI Pulley, Type ETT-190P- Polymide (PA 6 white) Pulley (ETTER)


Pulley Cat 2018

Etter 190P Pulley Data Sheet

  • WEBI, Polyamide (PA 6 white)/ Nylon)  pulley - Type ETT-190P
  • The 190P range has capacities from 20kg - to 140kg
  • Eight models, to suit 4 through to 16mm hemp or synthetic rope (see specification PDF for full details)
  • For use with where diversion of rope is required.
  • All eight model types available from stock
  • Model Capacity Pulley Diameter Rope Diameter
    155.9.1 20 kg 20 mm 4 mm
    155.9.2 20 kg 30 mm 5 mm
    155.9.3 30 kg 40 mm 8 mm
    155.9.4 40 kg 50 mm 8 mm
    155.9.5 60 kg 60 mm 10 mm
    155.9.6 90 kg 80 mm 12 mm
    155.9.7 120 kg 100 mm 16 mm
    155.9.8 140 kg  120 mm 16 mm


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  • Hi. I'm trying to replace two old horticultural greenhouse door top runner wheels (the door hangs on them bolted through metal tags). The current ones are 48mm dia, 12 mm wide single groove, 10mm bore no bearings. The track is around 1-2mm piece of angle iron. The key measurement is from the bottom of the V to the centre of bore which is 20mm give or take a mm. Could you send me the measurements of your 155.9.4 when please? (Or anything else that would do the job that is suitable for outside use.)


    Thanks for the enquiry, please see link below to dat sheet.



    Web Team

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