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Gebuwin Pulleys (Pulley only) 150-7500kg Ref: 156-20

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Pulley KB 150-7500 kg Ref: 156-20

*****(Pulley only no bracket)******

The Gebuwin pulley are solidly manufactured and are specially developed for hand winch applications. 

Product specifications

  • Robust construction due to a cast iron cable pulley in a steel frame
  • Suitable only for hand winch applications
  • Cable pulleys are fitted with sliding bearings
  • The numbers in the product name correspond with the maximum load capacities
  • Standard paint finish in grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005) according to DIN 12944, C1M

The coding for the Pulleys is as follows: The first two letters refer to the type and the subsequent numbers refer to the hoisting capacity in kg’s. A few letters then follow; these refer to the surface treatment of the product. The explanation for the coding is as follows:

Type coding:
KB = Pedestal

Version coding:
GR = grey (RAL 7035) / black (RAL 9005) painted according to DIN 12944-C1    EV = electrolyte zinc plated, min. 6 microns

Technical Area:

Pulley Cat 2018

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