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Suppliers of Standard and Specialised Winching & Pulling Equipment 🗲POWERED BY ORPLEX
What are Spur Gear Winches?

What are Spur Gear Winches?

We regularly get asked what is the difference between a spur gear and worm gear hand winch. Here we will talk about the specifications of a spur gear winch and which applications it is suitable for.

Spur gears can be used to increase or decrease the torque, or power, of a given object. Spur gears are those in which the teeths of the gears are straight and parallel to the axis of the gear shaft. 

Advantages of Spur Gear:
  • Spur gears have high power transmission efficiency.
  • They are compact and easy to install.
  • They offer constant velocity ratio.
  • Unlike belt drives, spur gear drives have no slip.
  • Spur gears are highly reliable.

This type of winch is fitted with a self sustaining brake with ratchet and pawl mechanism.

Operation of the winch many be from the front or side (depending on the model).

The Winchshop Spur Gear Range Summary;

  • Rope drum storage capacities vary from 8 to 35.4 metres.
  • Rope diameters vary from 2 to 13mm.
  • Maximum SWL vary from 45 to 3,000kg

For further information please follow this link to our range of spur gear winches.

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