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Goliath Winch Wall Plate 2 Ref:151-10-2

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These brackets are designed to invert the winch so the handle can be forward facing, for applications where the winch is fitted to a flat surface.

  • Winch wall bracket for Goliath Winches AFD, AFDPS, AFDS, AIFD & N1 ranges
  • Unit weight : 0.8 Kg




    Compatible with the following winches :

    7N1, 9N1, 16N2; 16N2F; 25N3F; 6AF; 6AFD; 6AFID; 6AFDS; 12AF; 12AFD; 12AFID; 12AFDS; 20AF; 20AFD; 20AFID; 20AFDS;

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