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WB Worm Gear Belt Winch 750kg Ref: 156-12

by Gebuwin

SKU :156-12-5


WB Worm Gear Belt Winch 750kg Ref: 156-12

The webbing belt winch WB750 is a compact winch because it is especially designed to be used in combination with a webbing belt. The maximum hoisting capacity is 750 kg and when used as a pulling winch the capacity is approximately 2000 kg.

GR model is standard painted finish (paint thickness is 60 - 80 Micron in 1 layer (in compliance with DIN/ISO 12944, C1M)

EV is Zinc plated finish with a minimum of 6 micron for harsh / exposed environments.


Product specifications

  • Compact construction due to the webbing belt
  • Primarily used for hoisting loads but due to rear exit also used for pulling loads
  • The hoisting capacity is calculated according to the first belt layer. Pulling capacity is approx. 2.5 times the hoisting capacity
  • The braking mechanism consists of 50% by the friction in the worm gear transmission and 50% by a load pressure brake
  • Adjustable crank and recoil free
  • All rotating parts run in maintenance free bearings
  • Static safety minimum factor 4
  • Webbing belt is excluded, see accessories for the most suitable webbing belt
  • Standard paint finish in grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005) according to DIN 12944, C1M


  • EV = Zinc plated finish with a minimum of 6 micron


  • Webbing belt
    • Standard webbing belt used for the WB750
    • Length is standard 6 meters
    • Width is standard 50 mm and fits perfectly on the cable drum
    • Thickness is standard 2 mm
    • Fitted with a point thimble and end of the webbing belt has a stitched loop


Technical Info

Gebuwin WB Webbing Winch with Belt 750kg for hoisting or pulling loads sheet