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WA2000 Battery winch 200 kg Ref: 156-27

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WA2000 Battery winch 200 kg Ref: 156-27

When there is not electricity available on a specific location, this worm gear winch is an effective solution to hoist loads for a limited distance because it can be used in combination with a battery drill. The winch, that can hoist a maximum of 200 kg, can be wall or console mounted.


Product specifications

  • Robust construction
  • Used for hoisting and pulling loads on locations without electricity
  • Used for limited hoisting and pulling distances
  • Flexible coupling for easy connection of a cordless battery machine
  • Also suitable for an electric drilling machine
  • Wall and floor (console) mounted option
  • The closed worm gear box has a self-braking transmission
  • Maintenance free aluminium closed gear box
  • Zinc plated cable drum finish
  • Static safety minimum factor 4
  • Standard paint finish in grey (RAL 7035) according to DIN 12944, C1M

WA200 Battery Worm Gear Winch Specification


    • Grooved drum 
    • Multiple cable drum compartments

      **As Standard supplied without Wire Rope - Prices available on request*


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