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Trojan Portable Utility 12v (1814kg) Electric Winch with Steel Cable


SKU :161-36-1

The Trojan Portable Utility Winch is a complete powered 12v winching solution in a convenient kit that features a 4,000 lb rated line pull winch on a unique powder coated winch platform, all in a compact, easy to carry composite tool box. The kit is easy to store, use, and repack.

Completely portable, the Trojan requires no installation and does not require a winch mount; however, it can be permanently mounted on a trailer and be used as a utility winch if desired.




    Included with the Trojan
  • Quick Connect Cord With Alligator Clips
  • Heavy Duty Leather Palmed Winch Gloves
  • 6 000lb Pulley Block
  • 3.6m (12ft) Hand Remote
  • Three 20 000lb D-shackles
  • Two 8ft Heavy Duty Straps Rated 8 000lbs

    Outstanding Features
    • 4000 lb Pulling Power
    • Built in 1/4 inch hardened steel plate
    • Can be permanently mounted
    • Quick plug and play functionality


          Accessories included




          Tech Area

          Cable JacksWarrior Trojan Portable Utility Winch Manual

          Cable JacksWarrior Trojan Portable Utility Winch Parts List

          Cable JacksWarrior Trojan Portable Utility Winch Brochure



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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 1 review
          Neil Devonshire - Dev255
          Fantastic handy winch with multiple uses.

          Used to pull an MGF onto a trailer with a jammed on handbrake.

          This winch effortlessly pulled the car fully up on my ramp with both rear wheels dragging; this on a portable 12v lead acid battery (not relying on the charging current of a vehicle).

          Everything required was in the portable handy winch box. I used the additional supplied pulley to ensure the winch was not too loaded (especially with locked back wheels), plus the long remote cable came in to its own as I was able to steer the vehicle, operate the winch and keep at a safe distance.

          The winch was strapped to the tow bar via the 2 eyelets (with attached shackles and provided strop) making this an ideal removable system (not left on the trailer for someone to pinch).

          Not in the description, but the power cable is 3 meters long.

          Highly recommended.