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PCH2000 Petrol Pulling 1050kg & Lifting 450kg Capstan Winch


SKU :167-3-2


PCH2000 Petrol Winch Pull/Lift Version Ref: 167-3-2

For maximum lifting capacity!

The PCH2000 is equipped with a Honda GX-160 cc engine which offers superior performances in a wide variety of tasks such as erecting towers, lifting antennas, replacing insulators, cable pulling and other arduous tasks.

This winch can lift a load of up to 450 kg with a single line and a pulley system doubles the strength to 900 kg.

The integrated rope grabbing system allows the operator to work safely and the start/stop mechanism means he can focus on the task required.

This system can be used to lift or lower a load.

A wide of accessories are available to simplify the installation process and anchor the winch at various anchoring points such as a vehicle, a post, a pylon and more.

Find out more by downloading the user manual.

*Accessories sold separately.

*Note: One (1) anchor polyester sling 60 mm x 2 m is always included with every winch

Private use : 2 years
Commercial use : 1 year
Engine/Motor : Honda International Warranty

Additional information : Register your winch at and get 1 EXTRA YEAR of warranty for FREE !

GTIN / EAN13: 690581006197


PCH2000 Petrol Winch Pull/Lift Version Ref: 167-3-2

Max Pull Capacity 1050kg
Max Lifting Capacity 450kg
Installed Capstan Size 108mm
Speed with Installed Capstan 20 m/min
Rope Size Min 12mm | Max 13mm | Ideal 12mm
Engine/Motor Honda GX-160 cc
Gear Ratio 53:1
Dry Weight 34.5kg
GTIN / EAN13 690581006197

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