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GO-AFDS - Goliath Zinc Plated Webbing Winch complete with 50mm webbing strap with hook

by Goliath

SKU :151-4-1

Lifting Capacity
Pulling Capacity

AFDS Winch Data Sheet 

Hauling capacity is based on a max 20% incline
Column or base mounting
Hauling Winch complete with 4.6m to 8m metre long 50mm webbing strap with hook
For use with webbing
High efficiency through spur gearing
Smooth running
All components are zinc plated
Automatic load pressure brake. The load can be held without any action from the handle (constant positive holding of the load
Enclosed and protected stamped gears
Complies with BS EN 13157
CE and TUV Security Accreditation


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Technical Area

Product data sheet