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EN 8000 Electric Winch with Steel Cable


SKU :161-12-9


Introducing the latest Winch to the EN range - with a Massive 8000kg (17,637 lbs) pulling power, available in 24v with either Armortek Winch Rope (161-12-10) or Steel Cable (161-12-9).

Perfectly suited to Industrial & Commercial applications, this beast can handle whatever you throw at it.

As far as we are aware this is the only genuine 8 Tonne Recovery Winch available that meets the EN14492:1 Standard.

Outstanding Features

  • Massive 8000 kg pulling power
  • Emergency stop remote handset
  • Meets the EN14492:1 Standard
  • Isolation switch included

                Accessories included

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                EN 8000 Electric Winch with Wire Rope Spec Table Winchshop UK

                 EN 8000 Electric Winch Specification Table from Winchshop UK

                Tech Area

                Cable JacksWarrior EN 8000 Electric Winch Technical Diagram

                Cable JacksWarrior Samurai 5250EN Brochure


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                Coming Soon!