AG45 & AG100 - Hand Winch

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Data Sheet : 


Lifting capacity 45 kg (AG45) or 100 kg (AG100) for wall mounting
Hand operated winches designed for light duty application, for example - raising blinds, shutters, clothes lines, washing lines and chandeliers,
Designed for light duty applications
Aluminium die-cast construction, corrosion resistant parts and powder coated paint finish

Spur gear operation 
Self locking brake
Quiet running with low crank effort, removable crank and low weight
Commonly used in washing line applications

**As Standard supplied without Wire Rope**


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  • Can one use a rope other than the one specified? Can the diameter of the rope be greater than that specified e.g. for the 45 Kg 2 mm rope specified. Thanks.


    Yes you can use a larger rope, the capacity of the drum will be reduced.



  • How is the wire rope lock and unlocked. The wall on which the winch will be filled is where a door open on to, I would prefer not to have to remove the handle every time that I use the down can you inform me how far the winch projects from the wall with and without the handle inserted. Thanks Roy

    Hi Thanks for the enquiry,

    The rope locks and unlocks under load with a Self locking brake, dimensions can be found on the data sheet link below:

    HA-AG winches are all in stock.

    Web Team

  • Do you ship to Norway


    Yes we ship world wide weekly.

    Web Team

  • How does the rope connect to the drum?

    The wire is grub screwed (pinched) onto a groove in the drum.

  • I would like to use a 2.5mm or 3mm Dyneema rope rather than a wire rope

    Regarding the Dyneema, I can’t guarantee this as per the manual it states rope should be to EN 1285-1 and EN 12385-4, some cuistomers have used Dyneema and had no problem. As long as the rated capacity of the rope is ok, it is secured well and has 2-3 rotations on the drum payed out I can’t see there being an issue, however anything outside of the specification of the manual is to your clients risk.

  • What is the maximum length of rope with a diameter of 4mm that can be wound in on to the drum, I am intending to use paracord 550 with a diameter of 4mm and this will then give me an idea of the Hight of the washing ling when fully down in the loading position, and also when fully up in the drying position to see if it is suitable. The reason I have chosen PARACORD 550 because it is UV resistant, mould resistant and very strong it has a maximum braking point at is 550lbs = 249.476 kilograms and will far exceed any wet washing including wind forces that will add to the opposing loading forces. WINCH OPTION NUMBER 1 Winch type HA-AG45 WINCH OPTION NUMBER 2 Winch type BHW-800


    Its recommended that 2mm be fitted to the HA-AG45 and 3mm on the HA-AG100, please see data sheet:

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